Transforming the Decomposed

Transforming the Decomposed


Learn about cases of successful reconstruction of the decomposed and what is possible with the right techniques.



Learn about cases of successful reconstructive techniques that were applied at various stages of decomposition. By offering and successfully applying these processes, families were able to view their loved ones one last time. ​Through the examples in this module, we hope that you will expand your definition of what is possible when it comes to reconstruction of the decomposed.

By the end of this module. you will be able to:

  • Recognize your role and responsibilities to families in cases of decomposition and open casket requests​
  • Review the four stages of decomposition ​
  • Explain the body’s changes that can impact embalming and restoration during the stages of decomposition​
  • Use case studies to expand your knowledge base of what is possible regarding reconstruction of decomposed decedents ​
  • Identify key steps in the processes of reconstruction through various examples