Compassion Fatigue & It's Impact on You and Service Families

Compassion Fatigue & It’s Impact on You and Service Families


Learn about compassion fatigue, its effect on yourself and co-workers, and how to deal with it.



This session will cover important, not-often talked about issues facing funeral professionals today such as compassion fatigue and setting boundaries. The presenters will share tips for recognizing the signs of compassion fatigue and advice for pushing through it to help yourself and everyone around you. They will talk about how boundaries are important in protecting yourself and your mental health and speak to personal experiences inside and outside of the profession and what funeral professionals can learn as a result. It will be an honest, much-needed conversation as we, as a profession, deal with the aftermath of this pandemic.


  • Recognizing compassion fatigue in oneself.
  • Recognizing compassing fatigue in co-workers.
  • How to deal with compassion fatigue it the workplace.
  • How to truly take care of oneself in order to take care of others.
  • Setting boundaries for one’s own mental health.